“I’m excited because I was told that I was physically unable to do something and I’ve done it.”

Catherine Caldwell, founder of Serious Health Now

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What is Serious Health to you?

Where are you on your health journey? We all have different goals and hit different issues along our health journey.

Sometimes we are held back because of our attitudes and beliefs about food, supplementation or exercise. Sometimes we just don’t believe it’s possible to change, it just feels too big and difficult.

I believe getting seriously healthy can be seriously fun and it’s always, always possible to make a positive change in your life.

Helping you to live the life you want

From my own health journey, I truly understand many of the challenges and frustrations that we can all face through the journey of life.

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How Mannatech Products Improved My Health

From my own experience, I know how some of their key products helped my body to heal.  The result was evident. In 2018, at age 68, I walked the Routeburn Track. Something I had only dreamed of!

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If you are keen to explore and improve your health journey, please Contact Me. As part of my service, regular and free one-on-one consultations are provided, to help you on your health journey.

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Now in my 67th year I take no prescription drugs, have the energy I craved as a young woman and I no longer get colds and infections. I will never stop taking Mannatech.


67 years old

My left foot

This is a tribute picture for feet because I have finally after many, many years got my left foot working again. I knew it wasn’t right, that the arch seemed frozen. A Rolfer had told me years ago that my foot was like a brick. I couldn’t really rise up on the ball of...

Twelve pies a week

“A hundred years ago, when pies were often eaten at breakfast as well as at supper, many American housewives baked a dozen or more fruit pies every week.” This is a stunning statement from that great cookbook, The Joy of Cooking. Reading it a few years ago I laughed...

Getting professional help

I was really pleased to finally do a post after not posting for over two years. Consistency is the  most important thing in Blogging and Social Media they say. I was aware that I was falling down badly on that most important part. Then once again, the Universe...

One persons weed is another’s gourmet treat

Miner’s lettuce, a yummy weed and Miner’s lettuce all dressed up with feta, activated nuts, avocado and dark oak leaf lettuce. So very YUM! As a gardener I spend a lot of time on my knees pulling out weeds that I don’t want in my garden, but I absolutely adore the...

Immune system as video game

I love this video. It's like a 50's black and white version of a video game. Little immune system warriors are ganging up on and blowing up the big bad cancer cells. It's so cool and it's real life. When our immune system is working correctly we...

Raw Yummy Christmas Nuggets Recipe

Raw food is all the rage with people who actively work to have the best possible health. I get the concept, that cooking destroys the goodness in most food, but I don't eat an all raw diet. This may be one of the few things that I'm actually moderate about. I'm not by...

Tis the season to breathe

'Remember to breathe', is one of my most favorite pieces of advice.  Christmas is a very stressful time for the majority of people in the Western world and more and more information is coming out about the harmful effect of stress on our bodies. Most breathing...

Kick, growl and punch with tears of joy in my eyes

The music is blaring, the sweat is flying and I am kicking, punching and jabbing in my Tai Fit class at the local gym.  I have tears of joy in my eyes is because for me this is a dream come true. I had watched a group do this when I was desperately trying to just get...

Burping contests and probiotics

My Father taught me how to burp really, really, loudly. We used to have burping contests. Not the usual training for a little girl but heaps of fun. The good and bad news of this is that I can out burp just about any man or woman but I sometimes burp really loudly...

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