My Father taught me how to burp really, really, loudly. We used to have burping contests. Not the usual training for a little girl but heaps of fun. The good and bad news of this is that I can out burp just about any man or woman but I sometimes burp really loudly even when I don’t intend to. Recently it happened in a quiet art gallery with my wonderful partner. He was not pleased. Because I’ve done it so unconsciously for so long I have allowed myself to think that other people don’t hear it. It happens in public places. So my darling has developed the practice of saying quite loudly “Heard that!” if I burp loudly. It’s been an eyeopener for me. “Really you could hear that?” I say. “My ears are still ringing and the dogs have started barking” He says. I can see that I need to modify this behavior. Relationships are so good for pointing these things out.

Because I love reading about and studying health I know that gut health is super important. I’ve worked long and hard to recover my health and getting my gut health back has been an important part of the journey. Lately I’ve learned even more about it and I’m thinking that if I take it to the next level and have a super duper thriving healthy good bacteria rich gut I won’t even need to ever burp. Maybe just occasionally in a ‘ladylike manner’ covering my lips with my hand and demurely apologizing.

I work with a company called Mannatech that makes powerful, natural, plant based supplements. They have a great powdered pro and pre biotic called Gi-Pro. From working with them I’ve learned that 80% of your immune system is in your gut. From my own experience with having to take massive antibiotics which destroy your gut health I’ve noticed myself that when your gut health is poor it also affects your brain functionality. I had bad ‘brain fog’ before. I would tell people “If you don’t see me write it down it doesn’t exist”. I was talking about appointments not reality in general. Strong antioxidants helped my brain as well but gut health is super important for some reason for brain health.

Another way to get lots of healthy bacteria in your gut is to make or buy cultured vegetables. According to The Westen Price Foundation all healthy indigenous people had pickled or preserved vegetables of some description. Kimchi from Korea and sauerkraut are a couple of classic versions of this. A couple of weekends ago I went to a workshop where we learned to make our own cultured vegetables. The smell is a bit overwhelming so I wanted to do this while my darling was away on work. Basically you chop up a bunch of fresh, organic if possible, veggies like cabbage, cauliflower, onions, carrots, etc. Stuff them in a big glass jar that can have a loose fitting lid. Put in a pinch of salt, a teaspoon of some form of sugar for the little probiotics to feed on and fill with water above the level of veggies. We used a capsule of a probiotic mixed with the water. Then sit it somewhere and wait a week or so. Google ‘cultured vegetables’ or ‘fermented vegetables’ and you will find a world of opinion and advice on how to do this. It’s an active, growing, lively community just like you want your gut to have!

My veggies are all cultured now and safe in the fridge. I’m eating my recommended 1/4 cup with every meal and I think I may be burping less. The test will be when my darling comes home. Will he notice less burping or that there is a smell of fermented cabbage in the house?