I love this video. It’s like a 50’s black and white version of a video game. Little immune system warriors are ganging up on and blowing up the big bad cancer cells. It’s so cool and it’s real life. When our immune system is working correctly we are destroying and getting rid of cancer cells all the time. I always think of the immune system cells as like the bouncers getting rid of the drunks that are out of control. Cancer cells are out of control and taking over where they don’t belong just like weeds in the garden or bullies in the schoolyard. And we are designed and able to deal with them and get rid of them. But we need to give our body what it needs to do the job it’s designed to do. We also need to not make the job any harder by putting more junk in our bodies that also has to be dealt with. I put chronically negative thinking in the junk category as well.

Start healing yourself before you are diagnosed with an illness because once you are diagnosed you will be overwhelmed with information and fear and it will be much harder to do.

This is absolutely terrific advice from one of the all time greats of the personal healing movement, Louise L. Hay. I’m not sure which of her books has that advice in it but I always remember it and actively practice it. I still don’t do everything perfectly that I could to be as optimally healthy as possible. But when I started trying to seriously change I was still smoking cigarettes, drinking too much alcohol, being a negative cynic and generally living life a bit on the edge. But when you’re in your thirties and making more money than both your parents ever did you tend to feel bullet proof. Now in my sixties I know the “mortal coil” of the human body can go at any moment. I also know from firsthand experience that it can suddenly become a thing of pain and sadness. Fortunately I also now know that we have wonderful and varied ways of making our body more healthy, vibrant and happy. Our bodies are designed to be self healing. The proof is simple. If you cut yourself, it heals. If you scratch yourself, it heals. Tires don’t do that. We do.

Some people like to say how it doesn’t matter if you do all the good things to make you really healthy because you can still get hit by a truck and die. I think those people have never been ill or injured for any long periods of time. I’d take the truck and a fast exit any day over lingering illness.

“Quality of life” is a really important phrase. Being healthy in mind, body and spirit improves my quality of life. Quality of life is what I now work at. New Years resolution; To continue to improve the quality of my life and share what I’ve learned along the way