I was really pleased to finally do a post after not posting for over two years. Consistency is the  most important thing in Blogging and Social Media they say. I was aware that I was falling down badly on that most important part. Then once again, the Universe provided me with just what I needed when I needed it, an email saying that WordPress was running Blogging 101 for free. My loyal readers will remember that Free is my favourite price. I am getting professional help and once again pushing myself outside of my comfort zone.

Which is why I am posting again in record breaking time. This is my first assignment; post about myself, my blog and why I’m doing a blog. Here we go; I’m an artist, entrepreneur, health and wellness advisor, gardener, wife and lover of life living in New Zealand. I was born and raised on the otherside of the world in the US. I have lots of knowledge and opinions and a blog seems like a good place to share those things. I like giving practical advice about things to eat that may make you healthier. “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.” One of the early clever guys said. My blog is called AuntBeetle because I was called Beetle Bug as a child. It was one of those nicknames that stuck. My nephews and their families call me Aunt Beetle. I’m Aunt Beetle and I’m here to share some info and ideas with you.